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CSET Science- Earth and Planetary Science eBook

CSET Science- Earth and Planetary Science eBook

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Product ID: 9781607877301
ISBN: 9781607877301
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CSET Science- Earth and Planetary Science eBook
Are you ready to teach Earth and Planetary Science? With the help of this comprehensive, state-aligned digital study guide from XAMonline, you can master core content and pass your certification exam with confidence. Available for immediate download and use, this study guide includes covers the main competencies and skills found on the CSET Science- Earth and Planetary Science certification exams including: Earth Science and Place in the Universe; Planet Earth; Energy in the Earth System; Biogeochemical Cycles; California Geology; Investigation and Experimentation; Nature of Science; and Science and Society. Prepare for the real exam with the practice test section, which includes 125 sample-test questions and answer rationales.

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