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ILTS Learning Behavior Specialist I 155 eBook

ILTS Learning Behavior Specialist I 155 eBook

Product ID: 9781607878032
ISBN: 9781607878032
Price $70.50
ILTS Learning Behavior Specialist I 155 eBook Quantity

Designed for beginning behavior specialists, the digital version of this comprehensive study guide from XAMonline covers the competencies and skills found on the ILTS Learning Behavior Specialist certification exam.  Aligned specifically to current standards, it covers the following domains: Foundations and Characteristics; Assessing Students and Developing Individualized Programs; Planning and Delivering Instruction; Managing the Learning Environment and Promoting Students' Social Interaction and Communication Skills; Working in a Collaborative Learning Community; and Professional Conduct, Leadership and Growth. Once you have mastered key test concepts, utilize the practice test section, which includes 125 sample questions with rigor ratings, a rigor table, and full answer rationales. The digital study guide enables immediate download and use and comes configured for onscreen reading.

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