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MTTC Physical Education 44 eBook

MTTC Physical Education 44 eBook

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Product ID: 9781607878568
ISBN: 9781607878568
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MTTC Physical Education 44 eBook

Equip your future students with the knowledge they will need for a healthy, active life! Prepare for your MTTC Physical Education certification exam with this state-aligned digital study guide from XAMonline. It covers the sub-areas of Physical Activity, Fitness, and Health; Movement and Lifelong Physical Activities; Growth, Development, and Learning; Planning, Instruction, and Assessment; Management, Motivation, and Communication; and Foundations, Reflection, and Professional Collaboration. Supplemental materials found in this comprehensive study guide include a list of helpful resources, 139 multiple-choice sample test questions with detailed answer rationales, and two sample written assignments. The MTTC Physical Education digital study guide enables immediate download and use and is formatted for onscreen reading.

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