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Special Education Team

Roberta Ramsey, Ph.D.
A Fulbright Scholar, Dr. Ramsey received his doctorate degree in Special Education from University of Florida. He has served as an elementary school principal and university professor at both Georgia Southwestern and University of Georgia. Beginning in 1996, Dr. Ramsey developed the initial study guide used for Florida called Varying Exceptionalities, which covered 12 specialties. The product has changed with each edition as the federal laws and methods evolved; the current FTCE edition is Exceptional Student Education K-12 061.

Susan Wagner, Ph.D.
Dr. Wagner earned her Ph.D in Special Education from the University of New Mexico. Her post graduate interests include current approaches to reading, methods in math instruction and assessing literacy in the classroom. She currently teaches in Springfield, Massachusetts.

Paul Sutliff, M.A.
Mr. Sutliff received his Master’s degree in Special Education from Nazareth College in Rochester and his Bachelor’s in Religion and Philosophy. He teaches a 12:1:1 class at The School of Imaging and Information Technology in Rochester where he uses his gift of simplifying complicated things, a core skill in working with Special Education students. He has created Special Education curriculum designed to stimulate interest in hard-to-reach students and is especially knowledgeable in Special Education Law. Books with Mr. Sutliff’s contributions or ghost writing can be found in bookstores across the USA, including XAMonline’s special education guides. He founded and edited Berean Research Report, a weekly e-news service distributed to over 20 countries.

“I used XAM TExES Mathematics 4-8 & 8-12. I have not had a math course in 19 years so I wanted to cover all the bases. The XAM books were quite good and on target. I did the sample questions in XAM then I studied my weak areas. Treat XAM like the gospel and focus on its explanation of the answers.”

James, Texas

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