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XAMonline appreciates the role you play in shaping the teachers of tomorrow. Every skill you teach and every experience you share contributes to the end goal, a certified, quality educator. You and your colleagues work diligently to impart the content and pedagogical knowledge for America’s aspiring teachers. Building on this solid foundation, XAMonline offers professors the opportunity to ease the certification stress for their students. Our guides provide students with a comprehensive review and detailed practice tests that cite both question rigor and answer rationale.

Aligned, Quality Content

Using the competencies issued by the state or test administrator, XAMonline revises and re-aligns its PRAXIS and state-specific study guides every 18 to 24 months to ensure our guides correspond to current standards and test parameters. The accuracy of our study guide material and practice test depends on several factors. First, the questions must reflect a careful sampling of the competencies and skills. Given that states vary in how they weight the quantity of questions in each category, XAMonline researches each state’s official test structure to ensure our guides provide the proper amount of questions based on each state’s value on a topic.

Teacher certification tests are designed to measure numerous domains ranging from material acquired over a year of study in a subject to cumulative mastery of material studied over several years— the sheer volume of content to recall can cause test anxiety for even the best, most-prepared students. It is daunting to think of what to study on your own. XAMonline takes the state list of competencies and skills, and supplies the appropriate content—all in an organized package that aids the study process and promotes retention and recall.

Identifying Test Question Rigor and Skill Reference

Unlike other test preparation companies, XAMonline identifies question rigor, allowing our study guide user to focus on their weak areas. What good is a practice test if students waste time flipping through their class notes or previous pages trying to remember where the skill they got incorrect was covered? XAMonline’s guides prevent frustration and wasted time by including a skill reference within each one of our practice test questions.

What Makes XAMonline Different, Makes Us Better

XAMonline differs from test administrators such as ETS or NES because their free resources and study guides only offer a test outline or brief sample test—they barely skim the surface, while XAMonline provides true study value. Our guides present a superior content review and identify the difficulty level for each skill. Our contrast with commercial publishers such as CliffNotes, Kaplan, Research and Education Association (REA), and Barron’s is simple: we are focused on teacher certification. XAMonline differs because of its love for the profession. Each child deserves a teacher who has had the best preparation and a significant part of that preparation is the certification exam.

Our goal is to provide you with as much information about our guides as possible, so that you have full confidence in recommending our products to your students. If you would like to preview a study guide TOC or chapter excerpt, select either PRAXIS or State Guides from the top navigation bar, select the desired title, and download. If your desired title is not listed or if you’d prefer a full desk copy to review, please contact us.

XAMonline is dedicated to producing high quality study guides and tools that ensure aspiring teachers pass their certification exams the first time. If you have any comments, suggestions, or information that we can use to improve our product, please share it with us.

Using an XAMonline Guide for Your Course

If you are interested in using our guide as your course textbook or a required study guide, we provide discounts to professors for bulk orders or can offer coupons for your students to purchase the guides through our website.

“I haven't had a math course in almost 10 years, and I don't have a math related job, so I was very rusty. I used the XAM Mathematics 8-12 guide, which did a good job of breaking down each topic, and it was the only full length practice test I found.”

Winnie, Texas

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