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Key influencers for future educators, certification officers and advisors play a vital role in turning students and transitioning professionals into teachers. To help you, XAMonline offers free resources you can share with students and education professors such as study tips, free diagnostic tests, and product information.

About XAMonline Guides

XAMonline has more than 300 PRAXIS and state-specific teacher certification study guides. We are proud to create guides that help teachers pass their exams, the first time. Our guides are aligned, current, and organized to promote retention and subject mastery. In addition to the comprehensive content review, they include up to 125 practice test questions that feature skill reference, question rigor and detailed answer rationale.

To preview a study guide TOC or chapter excerpt, select either PRAXIS or State Guides from the top navigation bar, select your desired title, and download. If the title you want is not listed, if you’d prefer a full desk copy to review, or if you want printed materials such as posters, brochures or flyers to display in your certification offices please contact us.

“When I have used your books I always passed the tests the first time.”

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