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School districts play an enormous role in the teacher certification process. XAMonline offers the resources and tools that will help school districts recruit and retain high quality, certified teachers. If you have identified teachers in your district who are lacking certification credentials, providing them with an XAMonline study guide will ensure that these high demand teachers remain where they belong and are needed, in the classroom. If you’d like flyers or brochures to distribute to your teachers, please let us know.

Given their comprehensive content review, our teacher certification study guides are also an excellent resource to have in your curriculum library as a reference for your teachers. Additionally, if your district conducts any type of preparation courses or workshops our guides, which feature a sample test with question rigor and skill reference, make a great text and even a basis for the course. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about XAMonline and how we can help you meet your district’s teacher certification needs.

“Last spring I instructed a group of students to go to the bookstore and compare several NYSTCE Study Guides and then tell me which guide they thought was most useful. The WINNER was XAMonline.com.”

Janet Drummond, Director of Certification at Aldephi University School of Education

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