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XAMonline starts with the state or test administrator-issued test objectives, then uses top-notch authors and editors to provide a comprehensive content overview that directly aligns with the specific test. This differentiator ensures you are studying what will be on the test. Our books are created to not only provide a complete, in-depth review of all competencies, skill and material that will be tested, but also actual sample questions that mirror the actual test.

Our 80-125 question practice tests feature skill reference and question rigor, so you can quickly reference where the content appeared in the study guide as well as how difficult the question was. XAMonline practice tests also include full answer rationales, providing you with a thorough explanation of why each answer is correct. The books also offer score raising test preparation and study tips.

For additional information on our teacher certification study guides, please explore more of our FAQ or preview a specific title’s TOC or chapter excerpt by visiting our PRAXIS or State Guides pages, select your desired title, and download.

What Makes XAMonline Different, Makes Us Better?

XAMonline differs from test administrators such as ETS or NES because their free resources and study guides only offer a test outline or brief sample test—they barely skim the surface, while XAMonline provides true study value. Our guides present a superior content review and identify the difficulty level for each skill. Our contrast with commercial publishers such as CliffNotes, Kaplan, Research and Education Association (REA), and Barron’s is simple: we are focused on teacher certification. XAMonline differs because of its love for the profession. Each child deserves a teacher who has had the best preparation and a significant part of that preparation is the certification exam.

In addition to abbreviated guides that only provide test topics rather than the actual content, there are companies that offer test-taking tips and secrets. Essentially, these products teach you how to “outsmart the test makers”. The issue is that high quality teachers are not interested in cramming just to pass their certification, they want to master the content and knowledge in order to be effective in the classroom.

“Last spring I instructed a group of students to go to the bookstore and compare several NYSTCE Study Guides and then tell me which guide they thought was most useful. The WINNER was XAMonline.com.”

Janet Drummond, Director of Certification at Aldephi University School of Education

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