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About XAM Online

About XAMonline
XAMonline has been publishing higher quality teacher certification study guides since 1996. We have specifically aligned all of our guides to each state’s individual standards to create a study guide that is just right for you.

We are committed to providing aspiring teachers with the best study guides and teacher certification preparation tools available on the market because we believe that higher quality study guides lead to higher quality teachers. We are proud to have helped over 75,000 teachers attain certification licensure in 2009. Testimonials from our satisfied customers can be found under the link below.
Our Executive Leadership Team
XAMonline’s executive leaders are seasoned publishing and teaching professionals. These individuals bring experience from some of the world’s leading educational publishers such as Houghton Mifflin, Prentice Hall and Harcourt, McDougal Littell. With teaching experience ranging from ESOL to science to English, our president and directors offer a dynamic blend of publishing and teaching expertise. For additional information on their diverse qualifications please visit our President, Directors and Employees page.

Our Contributors
XAMonline’s writers and editors list reads like a Who’s Who in American Education®. We blend certified teachers who have years of classroom experience with authors who are principals and university professors at some of America’s finest institutions such as Harvard, MIT, and UCLA. From Deans of Education to PhDs in 26 different fields, you can expect stellar preparation materials from these acclaimed industry professionals.
Experts within their field, our contributors use their real-world experience to develop XAMonline’s teacher certification study guides. With diverse backgrounds ranging from a Post doctorate degree in Economics to a Master’s of Curriculum and Instruction, and research analyst to electrical engineering, these talented authors, editors and project managers ensure our study guide content is accurate and aligned with the current test standards. To learn more about our contributors’ backgrounds and qualifications please visit the various team pages below.

“I haven't had a math course in almost 10 years, and I don't have a math related job, so I was very rusty. I used the XAM Mathematics 8-12 guide, which did a good job of breaking down each topic, and it was the only full length practice test I found.”

Winnie, Texas

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