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Taking a diagnostic test can help you decide how to manage your study time and identify your existing content knowledge, which will allow you to pinpoint areas for focus and improvement. Our free teacher certification diagnostic tests feature sample questions from the various content areas on the real test. They also include question rigor, which enables you to assess not only the knowledge and areas for improvement, but also the question level (easy, average, rigorous) that you need to work on. Once you’ve identified your improvement areas you can develop a study plan that fits your unique needs, whether that’s reading one of XAMonline’s guides from cover to cover or using it to simply create flashcards for a weak content area. Whether you start eight weeks out with a print guide or download an eBook a few weeks before the test, we recommend you begin here with a diagnostic test, and then devise a study plan that fits your test time frame and schedule.

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“I worked about half-way through the XAM book then focused on the practice test. The actual test was very challenging, but I did pass on my first attempt, and I passed by a large margin.”

John, Texas

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