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Praxis II Mathematics 0061, 5061 Book and Online

Praxis II Mathematics 0061, 5061 Book and Online

Product ID: 9781607873983
ISBN: 9781607873983
Publication Date: 03/31/14
400 Pages
Our Price $31.99
Praxis II Mathematics 0061, 5061 Book and Online
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From mathematical problem solving to reasoning and proof to use of technology, this comprehensive study guide provides you with the exact material that appears on the actual test. Aligned with current standards, it covers the subareas of Algebra and Number Theory; Measurement; Geometry; Trigonometry; Functions; Calculus; Data Analysis and Statistics; Probability; Matrix Algebra; and Discrete Mathematics. Once you’ve mastered the core content and competencies, prepare for the real exam with an 80-question practice test that identifies the corresponding skills and question rigor, and includes full answer rationales.

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