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SAT Math 1

SAT Math 1

Product ID: 9781607875710
ISBN: 9781607875710
Publication Date: 04/28/16
196 Pages
Our Price $16.99
SAT Math 1
What test should you take?
The SAT Math 1 test is one of the most popular tests because it appeals to students who do want to waive an entry level course at the college level and save time. If you did take AP Calculus we would recommend you take the SAT Math 2 test. Another option for you is to sit for the CLEP College Math test which offers three college credits and you only need to get 50% right on the exam. This saves you time and money on tuition.

What’s inside?
XAMonline true to format study guide prep material reviews all essential content chapters including: Number and operations which is 14% of the test, algebra and functions which is 40% of the test, Geometry is a similar percentage, and data analysis, statistics and probability which can be up to 12% of the test.

Two full length sample tests will prepare you with the look and feel of the real test.

“Last spring I instructed a group of students to go to the bookstore and compare several NYSTCE Study Guides and then tell me which guide they thought was most useful. The WINNER was XAMonline.com.”

Janet Drummond, Director of Certification at Aldephi University School of Education

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