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CLEP Five Favorites

CLEP Five Favorites

Product ID: 9781607875765
ISBN: 9781607875765
Publication Date: 02/29/16
368 Pages
Our Price $24.95
CLEP Five Favorites
What are CLEP tests?
CLEP is a popular method of obtaining college credit by examination. When you wish to obtain three college credits or 75% of your college credits by examination, CLEP provides a pathway to bringing down the cost of colleges. You have thirty three tests to choose from. They are accepted at 2,900 colleges but each state and school has individual policies.

Product description
XAMonline, your CLEP Specialist, offers CLEP Five Favorites which captures the five most popular CLEP tests taken by over half of the CLEP test takers according to Nielson sales data. Discover full length tests available as eBooks or print books. Each sample test goes through a process so that standards are covered and weighted and the end result is that you get the true to format and true to test experience. Each test has not only an answer key but also a detailed explanation. These are two advantages over the College Board products which are neither full length or have explanations.

The following are included in the CLEP Five Favorites sampler:

    1. CLEP College Math (full study guide is available under ISBN 9781607875321)
    2. CLEP College Algebra (full study guide is available under ISBN 9781607875598)
    3. CLEP Biology (full study guide is available under ISBN 9781607875314)
    4. CLEP College Composition (full study guide is available under ISBN 9781607875277)
    5. CLEP Spanish (full study guide is available under ISBN 9781607875284)

    Your investment in yourself
    Shave off an entire college semester by using the CLEP Five Favorites as your guide. It is a great place to invest your time and money. Alternatively, a slower pace of buying each sample test would cost $70.00. Efficiency in your preparation time are conveniently available as full content study guides. Learn what thousands of college students know and please spread the word…CLEP OUT and save time and money.

“I worked about half-way through the XAM book then focused on the practice test. The actual test was very challenging, but I did pass on my first attempt, and I passed by a large margin.”

John, Texas

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