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CLEP Military Favorites

CLEP Military Favorites

Product ID: 9781607875512
ISBN: 9781607875512
Publication Date: 02/29/16
436 Pages
Our Price $24.95
CLEP Military Favorites

The College Board has provided the statistics for the five most popular tests among the military: Principles of Management, Analyzing and Interpreting Literature, Introductory Psychology, College Composition and Modular and College Mathematics. CLEP Military Favorites by XAMonline goes beyond the College Board in providing the correct number of questions, detailed explanations and examples that match the frameworks.

Amazing Facts
*It doesn’t matter which of the 33 tests you take, you only need a passing score of 50%. *You gave your time and passion to America, now CLEP gives back time to you if you pass even one test. * Statistically, you are more likely to finish an entry degree if you pass as little as two CLEP exams. *XAMonline produces expanded full guides for the College Mathematics and College Composition/Modular. *Take a sneak peek with the CLEP 33 study guide or the CLEP 5 which has detailed explanations
“I used XAM TExES Mathematics 4-8 & 8-12. I have not had a math course in 19 years so I wanted to cover all the bases. The XAM books were quite good and on target. I did the sample questions in XAM then I studied my weak areas. Treat XAM like the gospel and focus on its explanation of the answers.”

James, Texas

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