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CLEP Foreign Language Series

CLEP Foreign Language Series

Product ID: 9781607875772
ISBN: 9781607875772
Publication Date: 06/06/16
190 Pages
Our Price $34.95
CLEP Foreign Language Series

XAMonline makes seven unique CLEP subject guides. The CLEP Foreign Language Series is book 2 which features all three full length CLEP sample tests with detailed explanations for Spanish, French and German. This information is conveniently collected in one study guide so you can gain efficiency in your preparation time.

A more concentrated approach would also include XAMonline’s Spanish full study guide that includes content as well as additional sample tests. Learn what thousands of college students know and please spread the word….CLEP OUT and save time and money.

By using this product you will be able to assess the difficulty of three language tests. XAMonline, your CLEP Specialist, offers CLEP Language Series which includes three languages and three full length tests with full explanations.

Each sample test goes through a process so that standards are covered and weighted and the end result is that you get the true to format experience.
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Winnie, Texas

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