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FTCE Professional Education Book and Online

FTCE Professional Education Book and Online

Product ID: 9781607874744
ISBN: 9781607874744
Publication Date: 05/28/15
138 Pages
Our Price $32.95
FTCE Professional Education Book and Online

This new edition has been significantly updated to include senario based questions. The most recent information available for the Florida Professional Education exam 2015 is used. Seven of eight competencies have been revised along with 51 of 57 skills. The focus on culturally responsive classrooms, along with new issues facing this new generation of teachers required the book to be revised to match these changes. Common Core standards have been incorporated.

With the higher expectations placed on teachers due to federal education laws and high stakes testing, teachers must be more knowledgeable than ever before and only XAMonline Professional Education unpacks each skill with such granularity. This book incorporates recent theorists such as Gloria Ladson-Billings, as well as multiple strategies to differentiate instruction to match the multiple learning styles in today’s classroom. Additionally, internet safety, professional development standards, and strategies to collect and analyze data are reviewed. This update is a requirement for anyone transitioning into the teaching profession, as it discusses the most recent challenges a practitioner will face in the classroom.

There are three skill aligned practice tests, each of which include 120 multiple choice questions. Questions are rated in terms of rigor and aligned with the new standards. Questions explore hypothetical as well as theoretical situations. Our book plus online product includes 3 interactive test of adaptive assessments, with time on question as well as time on test reported in the practice test. Performance is reported on the skill level so that the examinee knows which areas they have mastered and which areas require more study.

Utilizing this guide will ensure that you have experience with all of the specific competencies and skills among the eight competency areas. Perfect for college students, teachers, and career-changing professionals, this detailed guide provides answer explanations which refer back to specific skills within the book. As you prepare for your exam, you can be confident knowing that the information provided has been correlated directly to the state’s expected teaching and learning skills, and is the best way to help guide you to success on your Florida Professional Education exam.

“When I have used your books I always passed the tests the first time.”

Nancy, Florida

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