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Praxis English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) 5362 NEW!

Praxis English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) 5362

Product ID: 9781607876267
ISBN: 9781607876267
Publication Date: 03/31/17
222 Pages
Our Price $29.99
Praxis English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) 5362

This is a comprehensive study guide that will prepare you for the Praxis ESOL exam regardless of which state you live in. While each state sets their own passing score unique to their teaching certification requirements, the content on the exam is the same. This guide covers the areas of linguistic theory, teaching strategies, assessment, and culture. 

Specific topics include: 
•    Grammar
•    Vocabulary
•    Pronunciation
•    Sociolinguistics 
•    Literacy development 
•    Research-based Second Language Acquisition (SLA) theory 
•    Instructional theory 
•    Assessment methods 
•    Cultural understanding 

Each of the 120 questions on the sample test include a detailed description for the correct answer, a designation in the level of rigor, and the skill number each question aligns to. You can use the answer key to check over your answers and then direct your attention back to specific sections that need a second review. With such a comprehensive, user-friendly guide, you are setting yourself up to pass the Praxis ESOL on the first try!

“I used XAM TExES Mathematics 4-8 & 8-12. I have not had a math course in 19 years so I wanted to cover all the bases. The XAM books were quite good and on target. I did the sample questions in XAM then I studied my weak areas. Treat XAM like the gospel and focus on its explanation of the answers.”

James, Texas

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