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PRAXIS ParaPro Assessment 0755 IntelliGuide™

PRAXIS ParaPro Assessment 0755 IntelliGuide™

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Publication Date: 05/06/10
258 Pages
Our Price $39.95
PRAXIS ParaPro Assessment 0755 IntelliGuide™

The PRAXIS ParaPro Assessment 0755 IntelliGuide™ is an online subscription which includes the same comprehensive content featured in the PRAXIS ParaPro Assessment 0755 study guide plus a suite of helpful and innovative online study tools to help you prepare for your teacher certification exam.

PRAXIS ParaPro Assessment 0755 IntelliGuide™ features include:

  • Full study guide content: This IntelliGuide subscription comes with full content as presented in the print version
  • Easy navigation: Maximize your study and focus on the areas you need review the most.  You can easily skip ahead to the domain, competency, or skill you need to focus on or go back to previously reviewed content with just a few clicks
  • eHighlighter: Allows you to highlight important words, phrases, and sections
  • eStickynotes: Allows you to write digital notes anywhere in the study guide, then combine and print out all your notes for easy, “on-the-go” studying
  • Pre-made and customizable eFlashcards: A digital flashcard featuring any combination of words, numbers or symbols provides a learning drill.  You may use our pre-made eFlashcards for a specific test subject or create your own from the test prep content.  The “Hide” function allows you to skip cards you already know, creating a study experience just for you.  Use them digitally or print them out and study on-the-go
  • In-text search: Where was that topic mentioned?  This feature enables you to quickly locate the content you need. Simply type in the search term and the IntelliGuide lists the page numbers and highlights where in the page the reference occurs
  • Timed & Scored practice tests: Our online practice tests include every topic and type of question you can expect to see on the actual exam.  Each exam features timed testing conditions, automatic scoring, detailed answer explanations, and a diagnostic score report that not only pinpoints where you're strongest and where you need to focus your study but also links back to the specific skill content

XAMonline’s IntelliGuide is built on Flash platform, designed to transforms the way you study and interact with test prep content. 

Want the Print Version?

You can order the print version of PRAXIS ParaPro Assessment 0755.

Do you already spend too much time in front of a computer? Are you more of a tactile learner? If you prefer flipping through an actual book our print guide is for you! The print guide can be quickly ordered online and promptly ships, allowing you to begin studying sooner rather than later. Visit the PRAXIS ParaPro Assessment 0755 page to preview the table of contents and purchase your print guide. Additional online study tools like pre-made flashcards and timed and scored practice tests are available if you want to complement your print guide study plan.

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