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NYSTCE CST English Language Arts (003) NEW!

NYSTCE CST English Language Arts (003)

Product ID: 9781607874799
ISBN: 9781607874799
Publication Date: 04/28/17
228 Pages
Our Price $34.95
NYSTCE CST English Language Arts (003)

The NY English teaching certification study guide includes an extensive review of the 10 competencies: reading literature, reading informational texts, writing arguments, writing informative and explanatory texts, writing narratives, researching, speaking and listening, language, and pedagogical content knowledge. For each competency, the guide includes an overview and the details necessary to master each section. 

Selected topics include: 
•    Figurative and symbolic meaning
•    Writing techniques 
•    American literature 
•    Valid arguments 
•    Literary techniques
•    The writing process
•    Inquiry 
•    Point of view 
•    Digital media 
•    Grammar 
•    Effective instructional approaches 
•    Assessment 

This study guide includes a practice test with 90 multiple choice questions, an answer key, and a thorough rationale for each correct answer. As an added bonus, the practice test includes a sample prompt to give you extra practice on your constructed response.  With an extensive review of the content area and teaching methods, detailed information about the test, and a detailed practice test, this study guide is a must when preparing for your English teaching certification in NY.

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