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Patricia Wynne, M.B.A., Ph.D., Author
Dr. Wynne obtained her doctorate degree in Neuroscience from the University of Massachusetts Medical School where she focused on neural adaptations induced by alcohol. During her graduate career Dr. Wynne wrote several grant proposals and was awarded a Ruth L. Kirschstein pre-doctoral fellowship from the National Institute of Health for three consecutive years. Her work has appeared journals such as Neuron, the Journal of Neuroscience and the Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics.

Her interests include biotech business development, intellectual property law, and teaching. As such, Dr. Wynne has also earned her M.B.A. from the University of Massachusetts, Isenberg School of Management. She is a registered patent agent with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and has taught biology labs, neuroscience, and scientific writing at Assumption College, Worcester Polytechnic Institute and the University of Massachusetts Medical School.

Dr. Wynne’s interest in education and multi-faceted background in scientific writing and teaching have contributed to XAMonline’s top-notch study guides, including the PRAXIS Biology.

Jeffrey Clark, Ph.D. Project Manager
Having earned a doctorate in Electrical Engineering from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Dr. Clark is a full-time professional writer whose technical background includes diverse areas such as applied electromagnetics, digital image processing, computer programming, computer hardware and theoretical physics. His scholarly works have appeared in such publications as the International Journal of Microwave and Optical Technology and the Proceedings of IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society International Symposium. An accomplished, published writer, Clark pays keen attention to grammatical and stylistic issues and ensures even difficult scientific material is clear and concise.

Sreela Datta, Ph.D. Lead Author
In addition to a doctorate degree in Physics, Dr. Datta’s impressive background includes experience in engineering and IT software development as well as tutoring math and parenting an autistic child, which gives her a unique perspective on various teaching methodologies. Her interests extend far beyond technical topics and include literature, history, psychology, and philosophy. Dr. Datta has worked for several successful companies such as Bdrive, Aquent and Ford Motor Company where she served as a software developer, technical writer, and business analyst. As a writer, she has extensive expertise preparing software documentation, training materials for physics, math and organizational development, and has written numerous articles on scientific, technical, and other general topics.

Sally Rushmore, M.S. Author and Editor
With more than 20 years of writing and editing experience, Ms. Rushmore is an exceptional educational professional. Her Master’s degree in Science Education from Indiana University and two additional years of medical school make her a valuable contributor to our educational science materials. Ms. Rushmore’s strengths in chemistry, biology, natural science, physical science and geology, enable her to create a variety of business materials including trade articles, brochures and web content as well as academic content for high school and college science courses and assessments. She has written and edited software documentation, instructional manuals, white papers, newsletters, teacher certification study guides, science textbooks, and training materials.

Christine Traxler, M.D., Contributor
Dr. Traxler served as a family practice physician for Minnesota Valley Health Center in Le Sueur, Minnesota. She earned her Doctor of Medicine at the University of Minnesota in addition to a Bachelor’s in Biochemistry and an Associate’s in Criminal Justice. She has brought this multi-faceted academic background to her work as an editor, proofreader, and writer including an article published in the Journal of Bacteriology as well as three articles written for the Minnesota Historical Society on the “Greatest Generation Project.” Dr. Traxler has ghostwritten novels, nonfiction and fiction books for private authors.

Kimberly Putney, M.S. Content Writer, Editor and Project Coordinator
Ms. Putney utilizes her biology degree and English minor to edit textbooks, thesis papers, and journal articles. Her creative writing pieces have been featured in prominent parenting and childbirth magazines. She enjoys reading and writing book reviews, but most importantly Ms. Putney is a proud wife and mother of three.

Andrew Knott, B.A. Author, Editor and Copywriter
A National Merit Scholar and valedictorian of his high school, Mr. Knott obtained his Bachelor’s degree from University of Central Florida (UCF), graduating with a 4.0 GPA. His decision was initially between law and molecular biology/microbiology. As a Research Analyst (Science Writer) for UCF, he concentrated on writing and editing journal articles, reviews, grant proposals, and scientific manuscripts, using his scientific background as the foundation of his writing career. Mr. Knott’s articles have appeared in several publications including ARS Forum Issue, The New York Academy of Science’s Annals, and Trends in Neuroscience. Mr. Knott has pulled on both his strong science background as we as his expertise as a tennis professional and certified U.S. Professional Tennis Association member to contribute to numerous science and physical education certification guides.

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