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“We were provided with copies of two of your NMTA study guides by one of our successful completers about a year ago.  Since that time we have directed some of our students to your website to purchase the NMTA Basic Skills study guide as well as various NMTA Content Knowledge study guides.  We have tracked the scores of these students who have taken their respective tests several times and after utilizing your study guides these students have either passed their respective tests or they have increased their scores dramatically.”

Sharon E. Dearing

Administrative Assistant and Coordinator of Graduate Student Records

University of the Southwest, School of Education


“I just got word via e-mail that I have passed the 115 Mathematics 4-8 examination for educator certification. Your help made all the difference. I hope you will share my appreciation with the authors of the professionally written preparation manual and study guide (TExES Mathematics 4-8 114-115) that was so important to my success. Thank you for your help.”

Michael A., Texas

"Your company has amazing customer service. I just spoke with Anna in customer service and I just wanted to inform you she was very helpful and confident at her job. As an educator trying to pass the Praxis test I believe I have a better chance using your website and books to become successfully certified. ETS website and customer service is not at all successful, or take an interest in educators. Please expand your company. There are so many teachers out there trying to pass the Praxis. Your test and guidelines are broken down in segments the same way the actual test is presented. Xamonline Rocks !!!!

Best of Luck

Ms. Jackson (July 14, 2011)

“After you take the practice test, you can view the answers and most importantly an explanation about why the answer is correct. This saves a lot of research and helps you remember the question better.”

Jackie, Florida

“I’ve reviewed the NMTA Basic Skills desk copy; thank you for sending it. I’ve decided to use this as the main textbook for my EDUC 101 Preparation for the NMTA course in the fall.”

Mary Lou Jaeger
Education Specialist and Teacher Education and Alternative Licensure Program
San Juan College

“I used XAM TExES Mathematics 4 -8 & 8-12. I have not had a math course in 19 years so I wanted to cover all the bases. The XAM books were quite good and on target. I did the sample questions in XAM then I studied my weak areas. Treat XAM like the gospel and focus on its explanation of the answers.”

James, Texas

"Last spring I instructed a group of students to go to the bookstore and compare several NYSTCE Study Guides and then tell me which guide they thought was most useful. The WINNER was XAMonline.com."

Janet Drummond
Director of Certification
Adelphi University School of Education

“I worked about half-way through the XAM book then focused on the practice test. The actual test was very challenging, but I did pass on my first attempt, and I passed by a large margin.”

John, Texas

“I haven't had a math course in almost 10 years, and I don't have a math related job, so I was very rusty. I used the XAM Mathematics 8-12 guide, which did a good job of breaking down each topic, and it was the only full length practice test I found.”

Winnie, Texas

"Thanks for what you do. It really helps our veterans master subject matter."

Rick Nathanson, USN California Troops To Teachers

“When I have used your books I always passed the tests the first time.”

Nancy, Florida


“When I have used your books I always passed the tests the first time.”

Nancy, Florida

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